At our funeral home it is our goal to help you in as many ways as possible in your time of need. Here we've compiled a list of local restaurants that you may find as a good option after or before a funeral service where you can go with family and loved ones. If you are planning on going with a large group, please be sure to call the restaurant in advance so they may prepare ahead of time.

If you don't see what you’re looking for, please feel free to contact us for assistance and recommendations on other local restaurants.



General Restaurants  
Al & Al's 920-452-5530
Jakum's 920-803-0950
Klemmes Wagon Wheel 920-565-2325
Rupps Downtown 920-459-8155
The Bull 920-467-1500
Town & Country 920-467-7131
8th Street Ale Haus 920-208-7540
Millhome Supper Club 920-894-7414
Log Cabin 920-565-2712
Pier 17 920-783-6833
Pine Hills Country Club 920-458-3533
Fountain Park Family Restaurant 920-452-3009
Shuff's Last Resort 920-457-2253
Sheboygan's Family Restaurant 920-803-9627
Majerle's Black River Grill 920-803-5115
Chissy's Pub & Grill Waldo 920-528-8656
Crossroads Pub & Grill 920-459-9091
El Camino 920-208-6851
Il Ritrovo 920-803-7516
Trattoria Stefano 920-452-8455